10mm barrier testing

aka unscientific goofing around

Barrier Box - Version 1, Part 1
10mm barrier testing - the box
10mm barrier testing - the box

13 ply Baltic Birch faced with 26 guage galvanized sheet metal.
10mm barrier testing version 1

Out in the muddy, sloshy wild

50lbs of sand to hopefully trap the bullet

Four loads were tested:

165gr Golden Saber @ 1,343 fps
180gr PRVI JHP @ 1,214 fps
180gr Winchester JHP @ 1,240 fps
180gr Gold Dot @ 1,229 fps

All bullets were recovered about a foot into the sand.

Velocities are estimates taken from previous chrono sessions.

165gr Golden Saber
10mm barrier testing 165gr Golden Saber

180gr Gold Dot
10mm barrier testing 180gr Gold Dot

180gr PRVI JHP
10mm barrier testing 180gr PRVI JHP

180gr Winchester JHP
10mm barrier testing 180gr Winchester JHP

Additional loads ready for testing:

147gr TC @ 1,424 fps
155gr XTP @ 1,410 fps
165gr MG JHP @ 1,304 fps
180gr MG JHP @ 1,273 fps
180gr Remington JHP @ 1,202 fps
176gr 401-175 coated @ 1,304 fps

Part 2

I'll use the same format for the loads above, then develop V2 for future testing.

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