Swaging 41 Mag down to .401

goofing around, pretty much

Ordered a sample pak of T&B Bullets 215gr .410 bullets, and as usual with Travis, they arrived very quickly.

As shipped
T&B Bullets 215gr .410

Lube stripped with white gas
T&B Bullets lube stripped with white gas

Coated with LEE's case lube and sized to .401
T&B Bullets .410 sized to .401

Dry tumble powder coated, after they cure overnight I'll size once more
T&B Bullets .410 sized to .401 and powder coated

About $20 for what's necessary, required a moderate amount of force on the single stage
Tools needed to swage 41 Mag to 10mm

QuickLOAD's Longshot modeling with heavy coated bullets has been pretty accurate, so I'll start modestly and work from there :)

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