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Column abriviations:

QL: QuickLOAD is a computer program that simulates internal ballistics - A tool for comparitive purposes, results are not a substitution for, or be used in leu of, published (powder or bullet manufacturer) load data. Vel (Predicted Velocity) and PSI (chamber pressure) are simulation numbers, and have the potential to be in significant error - either grossly low, or high. QuickLOAD results should not be assumed as true.

L: Powder canister lot #. Number next to powder name is a link to lot# page.

Weight: Bullet weight in grains.

CH gr: Powder charge in grains.

%: Percentage of case free space occupied by powder after bullet seat, as calculated by QL.

LPLB: Loads Per LB (pound). 7,000 / charge.

B: Brass condition, either new, once fired, or multiple fired.

BL: Barrel length in inches, measured from hood to muzzle.

TMP: Air temperature at time of chrono session.

ME: Muzzle energy. (velocity * velocity * bullet weight) / (450240)

PF: Power factor. (bullet weight * velocity) / (1000)

T/E: T Link to target in PDF format. E Expansion, link to image

P: Primer flattened, judged by appearance only - Slight / Moderate / Heavily (added 1/16/16).

Omega: Shaded indicates a visually detectable "smile". Slight Moderate Heavy.

NOTE: If no pressure condition is listed under P or Omega one could still exist. These observations were added after the start of record keeping.

Load development procedure:

All fired brass walnut tumbled, lubed (Cabela's), and run through a Lee Bulge Buster.

On a Lee 4 hole turret:

Station 1: Size / decap
Station 2: Bell/flare/expand (universal flaring die, quick adjustment between coated lead/plated & jacketed)
Station 3: Charge w/o expanding (production only)
Station 4: Seat

All cartridges crimped with a Redding taper crimp die on a Lee Reloader.

All charges trickled to within 0.02 of stated (no more than 0.04 variation) - digital scale with 0.02gr resolution.

All COALs within 0.003 of stated.

Safety: ONE powder is on the bench / within view at any time (pistol and rifle powder are stored in separate areas). Charged cases (during load development) are positioned in a manner that allow for quick visual inspection.

Finished cartridges are bagged and tagged. At chrono 1 load is on the bench at a time, brass is collected & put into it's corresponding bag.


Methodology: Loads are a combination of new & old book data, QL predictions, and posted data that has multiple similar reported results. The intent is to slowly develop a catalog of mild to nuclear loads that utilize a wide range of bullets & powders - that work in MY gun(s). Obviously I enjoy the process :)

New (warmer) loads are tested with a full face shield, Spectra gloves, and no magazine.

If your goal is damage / destroy your gun and / or harm yourself / a bystander, then by all means, start loading an 'internet' recipie. If not, I strongly recommend you work up your loads from published 'book' minimums, and not exceed max.

By exceeding published book load data you risk damage to your gun, injury or death to yourself & bystanders. That may read as hypocritical, but it's fact. If you choose to load beyond book values, or load an undocumented recipie, you do so at your own risk.

Published sources (powder or bullet manufacturer) lists charges for specific bullets, that does NOT mean a different bullet of the same weight is safe with the listed charge!

If you're new to reloading, read: The ABCs Of Reloading: The Definitive Guide for Novice to Expert


All charges within 4 hundredths of a grain (load development only). All cartridges taper crimped.

Some loads are below / above book values, some have no published data.

Firearm: G20 Gen4 w/ Lone Wolf 5.15" barrel. 17lb stock spring, 20lb L.W. adapted Gen3 single spring, & 24lb L.W. adapted Gen3 single spring.

The bulk of all loads are NOT tested with the stock barrel. Understand the differences between stock and aftermarket in relation to case support. Loads that prove safe in a well supported chamber may be unsafe in the stock unit.

Results: Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital (10') - Digital Link - Android Tablet. Details.

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