10mm vs 10mm MAG

Case comparison & cut down

Some time ago the good people at Starline sent me 100pcs of 10mm Mag gratis.

No, I don't own an Automag :(

I've read that the mag brass was thicker in certain areas compared to the standard 10 and wanted to do a comparison.

10mm vs 10mm MAG

Other than the length of the case, the exterior of the two are dimensionally the same.

10mm vs 10mm MAG

I was able to 'half' each case to within a few thousandths. The web thickness is the most apparent difference.

10mm vs 10mm MAG halved cases

The Mag's wall at the web is also thicker than the standard 10mm

10mm vs 10mm MAG web comparison

Using a case trimmer I cut a Mag to standard length. The cut down Mag wall thickness at the mouth measured the same as standard. Neck tension is excellent.

155 MG loaded in 10mm Mag cut down to standard 10mm

Clealy this means the 10 can now go Super Thermo Nuclear!

I'm joking, time to load a few up and do an expansion comparison :)

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