05.04.17: 2nd wettest winter on record


It seems like it's been raining since October. Sure, there were a few days it didn't, it snowed instead. And froze.

There's only so much a person can take... Though, admittedly, we're giant ninnies here in the PNW, and gripe about the weather whatever the season or conditions.

Regardless, no complaints today!

Gambling that our incredibly inaccurate weather forecast would be accurate, I made plans with my brother for a day of shooting on our property (5 acres on the side of a hill, old yarder landing that we leveled and graveled, put up a gate.). I did my part by driving 150 miles, he didn't by not showing up. He has the key to the gate, and most of the sundries (tables & chairs!). Swell guy.

Decided to head to an old stomping ground that was nearby and make the most of it :)

No chair or bench, but had a table!

Light kit works really well, missed a total of two shots

Competition Electronics chrono with light kit and batteries

All that's necessary - tablet, Spectra gloves, box of loads, and a little backup ;)

A beautiful day, and my brother did eventually show up. He was forgiven, only because he brought new toys - a M9, a MP5 clone, a M1A, and a Kahr. Must have gone through 600 rounds of 9 :)

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