Furthering the testing

"less common" pistol primers arrive :)

Just what I need, more primers and powder :)
Powder Valley order delivered today

Fiocchi packages in quantities of 1,500
Fiocchi large pistol primer

There isn't a whole lot of feedback about Ginex...
Ginex large pistol primer

Ginex large pistol primer

Ginex large pistol primer

Ginex large pistol primer

Nobel Sport Vectan Prima V
Vectain Prima V

As I've only found Ginex online, and only in quantities of 5,000, with shipping / Hazmat it's a bit of a $ gamble. Hopefully there's no issues with seating and ignition.

Prima V: Although there's no data for 10MM, I'm confident it'll work great for low impact 180gr loads. If not, it'll become my favorite 9mm powder (enos) - just as soon as I burn through my stash of CSB-1.

05.06.17 Update: Limited testing so far, but the Ginex primers seat and function fine, no issues. The initial load of Prima V also went well, results can be found here.
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