Lee pistol molds

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Lee molds make the G20 happy, with it's after market barrel of course :)

Preface: Been casting only a few years, and have dropped thousands, not tens of thousands. I've only used aluminum, and only .356, .358, .401, and .452. I started with Lee, and until very recently haven't seen a need to venture outside the brand.

I've never used traditional lube, hated the Alox mess, I powder coat and love the results.

I rarely shoot past 40 yards, and my expectation is ringing an 8" gong with a 4" barrel service gun.

Lee molds come with handles and are inexpensive, heat up quickly, are lightweight (non fatiguing), and drop bullets without fuss. As with any mold, I imagine, get your temp and alloy right, develop a cadence, and the rest borders on tedious.

Lee 401-145 on the bottom, Accurate 40-195G w/ Lee six-cavity handles above.

10mm Lee 401-145 and Accurate 40-195G

The Accurate mold (with Lee handles) is about $105. The Lee, around $26.

10mm Lee 401-145 and Accurate 40-195G

Accurate's build is substantial in comparison to the Lee, and with the six-cavity handles weighs quite a bit more.

10mm Lee 401-145 and Accurate 40-195G

Machine work on the Accurate is very nice, Lee's is a bit more rudimentary.

10mm Lee 401-145 and Accurate 40-195G

10mm Lee 401-145 and Accurate 40-195G

Lee 401-175, one of my favorite bullets in the 10mm.

10mm Lee 401-175

No lube, no mess - coat em' & shoot em'

10mm Lee 401-175 coated

I appreciate the build quality of the Accurate mold, and I'm not suggesting Lee is near it's equal. What I am suggesting that Lee produces a perfectly serviceable mold that drops good bullets at a bargain price.

Does a better mold drop a better bullet? I imagine the answer is absolutely. When it's range day and I'm knocking steel at 40 yards am I happy? Absolutely :)

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