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Gempro 250 & AWS Gemini-20

I've read quite a bit about digital scales - People love or hate em', they're accurate or they're not, you can / can't trickle, $30 unit is fine, or no, you've got to spend $200 minimum.

Started out with an inexpensive LEE balance beam. Sure, a pain to adjust, but it's accurate. "Upgraded" to A Frankfort Arsenal $30 unit. Accurate with the balance beam, resolution to .2gr (all I needed for rifle, or 'regular' pistol loading for that matter), but not compatible with trickling.

For this project I wanted a bit finer resolution and the ability to trickle charges.

My first "pick one and buy it" was the AWS Gemini-20, and I lucked out. Battery powered (not susceptible to line noise), 0.02gr resolution, repeatable, accurate, and you can trickle right into the pan. $35 on Amazon. The only drawback to this scale is there's no changing the auto-off 'feature', and it shuts down after about a minute of no use. Note: There are two versions of this scale - one has the weigh tray surrounded by a raised section, making even a small powder pan unusable (just sits on the top of the scale and doesn't come in contact with the tray). The top of the scale is flat on the version I purchased, allowing use of a pan that's larger in diameter than the tray.

Version with raised deck around the weigh tray pictured (stock photo) below, limits use to the very small pan that comes with the unit.

Version I purchased, sans raised deck. Allows for use of a larger pan and is available on Amazon for about $25.

AWS Gemini-20 digital scale

Batteries last a long time in the Gemini-20, and when it drifts a bit It's time to install fresh ones. Almost all of the charges related to this project have been weighed on this scale, I use check weights regularly.

Fast forward a bit and I decided I wanted a more expensive scale, to legitimize what an inexpensive unit and a cheap balance beam were telling me. All research pointed to the Gempro 250 being the entry into accurate scales.

Gempro 250 digital scale

Gempro 250 digital scale

Gempro 250 digital scale

10mm case in pan for size reference.

Gempro 250 digital scale

The scale has adjustable feet and a built in bubble level, the instructions stress the importance of unit being adjusted properly.

Gempro 250 digital scale

Comparison between the Gempro...

Gempro 250 digital scale

and AWS. 8 hundredths of a grain difference, absolutely repeatable on either scale. Splitting hairs, pic either and say it's the one that's "right" (I don't trust that the free check weights are that accurate).

AWS Gemini-20 digital scale

The ability to trickle into the pan is an absolute necessity for a project like this, and the AWS is faster to react and 'land' than the Gempro. While I'm pleased with the 250 and don't regret my purchase I'll continue to use the AWS for all measurements, regularly checking it against it's more expensive counterpart.

AWS Gemini-20 digital scale

The Frankfort Arsenal and a cheaper model AWS, both have a resolution of 0.2gr and work fine for most loading purposes.

Frankfort Arsensal digital scale

For most I would imagine that the Gemini-20 is all they'll ever need, as long as it's regularly checked against a know weight (my opinion about all digital scales).

The Frankfort Arsenal and AWS units are available on Amazon, the Gempro I purchased from Old Will Knott Scales.

I have no affiliation with either company.

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