Large pistol primers


Ginex Unis primers are a new addition - I've loaded and tested a few, they went bang. I stated that of the eight brands I've tested, Ginex required the most seating force.

Loading 'comparisons' in new Starline brass (the same 1,000ct bag I've been pulling from for the past year) I've developed a bit of a frustration with Unis. They do require more force to seat, I would almost call it significant, but the challenge has been getting some to fully seat.

Having purchased 5K I figured I'd a least find an explanation.

Examining a "full force needed to seat" primer showed no deformation, so very hard cup seemed the likely culprit.

Micrometer on hand has a resolution of 0.00005", any measurement reading in the 5th place was rounded up to the next ten thousandth. a sample of five primers was measured from each brand.
CCI 300.2105 .2107 .2106 .2106 .2105
Ginex.2104 .2104 .2104 .2104 .2104
Fiocchi.2106 .2103 .2108 .2102 .2104
Federal 150.2104 .2109 .2104 .2100 .2107
Tula KVB-45.2106 .2110 .2107 .2109 .2107
SB.2096 .2097 .2097 .2097 .2098
Remington 2 1/2.2104 .2102 .2101 .2103 .2103
Winchester WLP.2100 .2102 .2100 .2100 .2098
Looking at the measurements my assumption is the challenge lies with Ginex's cup hardness. After testing I'll likely relegate them to twice-fired-brass loadings (bit looser primer pocket).

Large pistol primer measurement

Large pistol primer measurement

Large pistol primer measurement

Later in the day... Decided to try an old Lee hand primer, the leverage made seating the Ginex primers pretty easy. Also going to try them on the single stage, see if that makes a difference.

Large pistol primer measurement

05.11.17 Update: Range time yesterday and about 10% of the Ginex primers needed a second strike (running standard springs on the G20), these were seated on a turret press. I've loaded up a couple of batches, one primed on the Lee hand primer, the other on a single stage press. Hopefully one of those methods resolves the issue.

05.19.17 Update: A bit of range time today, two mags of seated-by-Lee-hand-primer, and two mags that were seated with the single stage. Zero problems, all went bang.

Hardly definitive, but the issue seems to be with the turret press. I'll attempt to figure out why, as it's not been an issue with all the other brands.

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