Stop Box

Goal: Protect the chrono from up-to hot 10mm loads; Small / portable / under 10lbs; Couldn't be reactive.

A scrap piece of AR500 steel would have done the trick, but hitting it from 10' wasn't something I was interested in trying.

4 layers of 13-ply Baltic birch, loose framing nails, and a couple of bricks.

Of course, it had to be tested - 10mm 180gr @ 1,250, and a 155XTP around 1,350.

Both loads I'd consider 'warm', and while they went cleanly through the plywood, they stopped fairly shallow into the nails.

11/28: Decided to test it a little further - Hit it about 5 times with 650-to-750ft lb stuff :)

The results.

For a kludged together idea it works exceptionally well.

The other component is the chrono's Digital Link - Easy to read output on a tablet.

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